adventures in accidents

I didn't realize that so many of my posts were going to be about running.  But I am slave to the story and that's where I am being taken these days.  This weekend the story took me to lovely Coronado.

Today's run was to be 5 miles for the half marathon folks and 7 for the full.  (I am in the half track.)  Since I only ran 3 last weekend and 3 on Thursday (read why if you haven't already), I figured 5 miles would be perfect.  The group was to run 3.5 miles out and at 2.5, some of us would turn around.  One runner, Cassey, was set to run a half marathon the next day so she announced she was one of the early turner-around-ers.  I planned to stick by her.  And off we went!

Cassey's hair goes wild, foreshadowing her betrayal.

The views and weather were perfect.  We were chatting about peoples' experiences with destination marathons such as the Great Wall Marathon, the Killimanjaro Marathon, and <gulp> the North Pole Marathon among others.  It sounded great and if I were a full marathon runner I'd be very interested!  The time and distance were flowing by.  This is why I like running with a group.

At 2 miles, I ran into Christine's group since they were only running 4 today.

Look at the cuteness that I found!

Before I knew it, we were at 2 1/2 and Robert yelled that anyone who planned to should turn back now.  Cassey yelled back, "got it" and kept on going with an evil laugh.  Nobody turned back.  Should I turn around and trudge back all alone or stay with the cool kids?  Is 7 miles too far, too soon?  I decided to keep going until near the 3 mile mark, stop, stretch and wait for the group to return to my spot.  Pretty clever, huh?  I thought so.

The running was so easy, he though he could fly.

Before I knew it we were at 3.3 so I stopped.  It was a nice location so I took some pictures.  The Hotel Del Coronado was just ahead and the runners were headed that way.  My pictures all faced west though.

At least I had some views while I waited in vain.

My infernal finger strikes again!

After snapping the shots I waited.  And waited.  Where did they go?  I saw them go around the corner of the Hotel and never saw them come back.  Did they decide to go further?  Pretty soon I realized the course must be a loop, not an out-and-back.  So I had to head back alone after all...and even further than if I had turned back before!  Plus, I didn't know the way.  Well, I knew it was basically follow-the-coast.  But a plan like that always leads to a few dead-end streets which is not so fun on foot.

I knew my Garmin watch had a "take me back" function but I had never used it.  so I called it up and was presented with a "map" of sorts.  Basically it was a dot with an "S" in the middle of the screen.  How does that help?  I pushed a couple of more buttons and voila! I had an arrow, a distance and a time remaining.  As I ran, it told me when a turn was approaching and which direction.  It worked perfectly!

Spotted this nice spot to hang out on my solo return.

And finally, I made it back.  I was faster on my own as it turned out.  And somehow I ran 7.4 miles!

When I got home I made myself a double popcorn.  I had earned it!