a night with some asians

Tonight I headed off to Lestats to see locals Lindsey, Jane, and Kenny.  I always love seeing the local musicians where you can get up close and watch what their fingers are doing and have a chat with them afterwards.

At 9:25 I heard the sound guy say, "no problem I'll go grab one from home."  So much for that 9PM scheduled start.  It finally began just after 9:30.  I suppose I sound cranky but I was up and working out at 6:30AM so it was a pretty long day.  Good thing I'm still young.

This concert is going to get two blog posts.  This one will cover my impressions of the show and the other will focus on my experiments with my camera and what I learned about night photography.

who is Lindesy? And I guess they only have 5 N's

I love this candid shot of Jane I caught before the show

Time for the show to start!  I sat next to a guy who recognized me from the days when I played with Kim.  He said he is a fan of hers.  He must be to remember me 3 years later!

Lindsey was her usual powerful self.  I'd say the mix on this night was most suited to her.  When she came to the parts of her songs where her voice soared high we could really feel it.  Whereas Jane requires more of a clear, intimate approach which lets us hear every nook and valley she takes us through.

Lindsey on the piano

...and ukelele. If only the UBM was still around I'd submit her...

Jane was next and was fantastic as always.  BTW, there's a running joke on her YouTube channel because some commenter there asked if she were male or female.  Dude is blind, no?

a tease for my next post...see how much better these photos are than Lindsey's

Jane always has fun at shows and it's easy to have fun with her

how does she play with a glove on?

On the other side of me from Kim's fan was a bunch of cast and crew from the local stage production of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.  The show is wonderful and Jane plays the female lead, Penny.  (This weekend is your last chance to see it!)  The director, Andy, came on stage to sing a song with her.  And when I say "sing" I mean he imitated the muppets.

a spot-on Kermit

This was a highlight of the night.  Luckily, someone captured it...


Finally, it was Kenny's turn.  He started by saying "my name is Kenny and I know what you're thinking...another Asian!"  The crowd loved it.  I joined in with a "jia you."  Then later he said "when I share a mic with dudes it usually tastes like stale beer.  But tonight, following a couple of chicks, the mic tastes like lipgloss, [smack], raspberry."

Kenny likes to close his eyes when he sang

Finally the three of them played a song together.

Jane decided to eat her instrument

I hung out to congratulate everyone on a show well done before heading home.

when Lindsey saw this photo she said "I'm oily, where's my powder?" She didn't offer me any

caught a moment with Jane after the show

my coworker Queena was also in attendance

A very good night indeed.