a mishmash

I have a few notes and links that I've kept around for when I got a chance to drop them in my blog. Today I will drop a few of those in here with brief commentary divided by pictures from yesterday's run.

It was very pretty yesterday.  We don't usually get these poofy clouds.

First a little bit of programmer talk.  If that's not your deal, skip past the next picture.  A blogger listed 5 myths about 40+ software developers.  For some reason I am not getting any younger so I hope more articles like this appear.  Programming is often seen as a young person's game and for now I've decided to stick with it rather than pursue something like technical management.

On the positive side, I read that there are many programmers who can't program.  Wow!  If that's the competition I've got nothing to worry about.

Trying to apply the rule of thirds.

Is this a joke?  (Using sausages to navigate your smart phone.)  Maybe I just don't get it living in a warm weather climate.

More poofiness.  My spell checker does not like the word poofy...elitist!

I've never tried online dating obviously.  But I'm always fascinated by the wealth of statistics it produces.  Not surprisingly, online-dating-men are always looking for women younger than themselves.  So a statistical squeeze is applied to women over 30 looking for men on the tubes.  The full analysis is laid out at the case for an older woman.

Even if you don't keep up with gadgets you heard about the recent iPad announcement.  And if you do keep up you might have seen the stories that Apple pushed the prices up for ebooks beyond what Amazon was charging.  Amazon took the opportunity to claim they look out for the customer and big, bad Apple ruined it for the little guy.  It's partly true.  But Amazon is not necessarily the good guy either.  In brief, Amazon has delisted books in order to get better pricing deals with publishers - the specific authors are caught in the middle.

I almost fully agree with this rant against Apple's controlling policies.  In fact, I don't think it went far enough as they should have pointed out the same problem exists with the iphone/ipod.

I'm cool with Amazon generally, but the article about their practices is just a reminder that the only persons looking out for your interests are you and God.

Loved the trees

Sometime when I have some free time, I am going to learn how to snag stuff with a whip.