a job i would never want

Long-time readers know how it goes by now.  I post some pictures from my recent life - usually a run - and mix in some prose about some topic or another.  People who find me to be a windbag can skim through and just look at the pictures.  And those who like to philosophize with me can read along...checking pictures along the way or not.  Everyone wins.  Especially those who are reading Cakewrecks instead of my blog.

people are always looking to ham it up for my camera nowadays

You all know how much I love college football.  I used to be a pro guy - the Cleveland Browns were my team.  But a couple of things happened.  Before attending college I paid little attention to college football.  But as I matriculated to Ohio State, I came to love that game as well.  Sure, we never beat Michigan in those days but there were still lots of fun teams to watch those four, I mean five years.  (I didn't want to leave or I'm not that bright. Take your pick.)

over the river and...

And more importantly, the Browns moved.  I kept some notes of the goings on in those days when the Internet was much younger than today.  It was probably one of the very early net-organzied protest movements.  I've just saved a reminder to myself to write a blog post about that episode in the future.  That was good stuff.

such a nice view on this run

and nicer

I lost a lot of love for the Browns and the pro game after the move happened.  I knew they were coming back but I also knew it wouldn't be the same and it wasn't.  I still follow and enjoy the game but I can't fully buy in and I certainly give them as little money as possible.  OK, now I save the rest for the future post.

it was toasty and dusty out there though

My love for college football still surges every fall.  Probably the best speech I've given yet at Toastmasters was why I love the college game more than the pro game.  I almost cried.

But sometimes I wonder if I should devote myself to something that's more societally positive.  Three things have made me think this.

I fall behind to take the photos

I am a more boring person in the fall

I noticed this a few years back.  I read books, pay attention to politics, listen to NPR, and keep up with a variety of online content.  In the fall, college football-related content sucks up more of my attention.  As a result, my attention to those other things wanes and I have less to talk about with non-sports fans.

and catch back up

All the recent news about football-related concussions

The original and beautifully-written blog post on this subject has come down.  But the source material is here.  Tragic stuff.

the full marathon group goes on for 15 miles, I turned around here to run "only" 10

The coaching life

I finish with what prompted this post to begin with.  Think being a player is bad?  There are many jobs I would never want.  #1 on that list is Governor of California.  Not far behind on my list is college football coach.  This article reminded me what a grind that job is.

Here's another view - from the spouse's side.  Doesn't sound very fun does it?  Even for $1,000,000+/year.

I finished the run with Jen and Mandy. Jen regretted her long black pants.

after a long run, boba is a great treat

All of this is just thoughts right now.  I am still super-excited for the fall to come.  I play EA NCAA 2009 to sate myself in the meanwhile.  But in the past few years I've been trying to dial down the fanatacism a bit.  Non-sports-fan buddies, tell me how I'm doing this fall.