a few things i've learned during exercises

If you follow me on twitter or facebook you know I've been continuing to ride and run and swim up a storm.

All that time on the roads et al has given me a chance to observe/think about a few things.

1  My swimming may be stronger than my biking at this moment.  I rode almost 30 miles today, my longest ride yet.  I still have a ways to go to be able to ride 25 hilly miles in comfort.  I hope I get there in time for the race.  With swimming I think I could cover the distance today without exhausting myself.  In the pool anyway.  I'll try the open water for the first time on 7/23.

2  When women have killer abs, they must show them off.  Exhibit A (Saturday)... I saw a woman running the opposite way who was totally ripped.  She was wearing hot shorts, a sports bra, earmuffs, gloves, and arm warmers.  I guess she was cold but bound and determined that we see the evidence of her workout commitment.  Exhibit the second (Sunday)... I saw a woman jogging and pushing a stroller with a long sleeve shirt on.  But the bottom of the shirt was pulled all the way up to the sports-bra line so we could see her flat stomach.  Crazy ladies.

3  Some of you know that a scant 12-ish months before I planned to replace my car the transmission went bad.  As I wait for it to be replaced, by a used transmission, I am thinking about the next car.  I will have to move sooner than planned because the replacement trans only has a 6 month warranty.

Initially, I had considered the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, one of the Volvo crossovers, and possibly a Jeep at the insistence of a true Jeep believer.  Notice the theme of small SUV.  I have not yet driven any of these vehicles or others. (I am open to suggestions.)  I would like to be able to fit my bike on the inside (not so hard) or my keyboard case and my amp (much harder).  I'd accept just the keyboard since if I play out again I hope to buy a smaller and better-sounding amp.

Anyway, after some consumer reports and Edmunds research, the list has changed a bit.  The Volvos have fallen out of favor because of the price.  The Jeeps will probably also remain on the sideline unless I have to bump up the midsize SUV size.  I have added the Subaru Forester to the short list.  And the CR-V is on the critical list.

This was crystallized while running yesterday.  I happened to see the Honda logo and I realized something.

Yo noh!

Toyota has all the bad press right now.  But Honda is subliminally trying to tell me something.  Look out!  Beware! Yo noh!  Good thing I noticed that!

I'll get my car back sometime this week and soon after I'll start gathering some first-hand impressions.  But sitting here in my chair the RAV4 and the Forrester are looking like the cars to beat.  I'll take a peek at the Outback while I'm at the Subaru dealer but I suspect it is too small.