1st 40-miler

Today I rode 40 miles for the first time ever.  Well, I'm not sure what I pulled off as a teenager.  I probably rode 50 miles in a day but not all at once.  It was a really fun route with lots of nice hills...ok the nicest ones were down.  And I have some stories which became this post.

The temperatures were cold...well cold for San Diego.  When we started it was about 60 and it got into the low 70s as we rode inland.  That helped a lot.  I did feel a bit of cramping in the calves (never happened to me before).  That was kinda freaky but it passed.

The bike part of my tri is 25 miles so I am well-prepared for that which is nice to know.  As long as I solve the public nudity problem I am ready to go with that race!

Of the 10 riders today, I was the slowest.  Except going uphill, then I would be in the middle of the pack.  Why?  Maybe I'm just all slow-twitch muscle now.  A couple of those guys are just jocks and I have only been riding a couple of months.  Some of them have better equipment than me (which is why they leave me in the dust going downhill.)  When the group had to make a turn, we would stop and wait for everyone to catch up so nobody is left behind.  Of course it's a little unfair, especially when the stop is at the top of a hill.  Everyone gets a chance to rest except the slowest person who huffs and puffs up the hill only to have everyone pull out when he finally arrives.

At one point a pair of cyclists rode past our group going the other direction.  All I noticed about them was one guy wore a hat instead of a helmet.  Idiot.  At the next stop, all the chatter was "did you recognize so-and-so?"  I guess hat guy is a famous pro cyclist.  I forgot his name.  He's still an idiot for wearing a hat.

I met and chatted with a guy named Jim.  My guess is he's close to my age but he was such a little kid.  Every downhill he pumped his legs as fast as he could, passing others and enjoying the speed.  He claimed he has only been cycling for 6 weeks, yet last weekend he rode 125 miles.  Not so sure about that.  He said he has some extreme diet which is why he never runs out of energy.  I asked him what he ate during his 8-hour ride.  He said a quart of milk, a couple of cokes, some grape juice, and one solid thing that I forgot.  All and all he was delightfully strange to talk with.  Yes, he's single.

A few quick hits to finish up...

  • I did not know there was a Slaughterhouse Canyon Road in San Diego county
  • It was funny to see a street called Pebble Beach in La Mesa.  That would be a letdown if you accidentally went there.
  • I did not expect to see a 5 1/4" floppy on the side of the road.
  • A lot of these folks were training for 1/2 Ironmans.  How do they have the time?